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4480 - Электропневматический позиционер

4480 - Электропневматический позиционер. Чертеж
  • Compact metal housing
  • Graphic display with backlight
  • Easy start-up
  • Comprehensive range of additional software functions
  • Profibus DPV 1 (optional)
  • Assembly acc. to IEC 534-6 / VDI VDE 3845

The robust and compact positioner is designed to standardisation acc. to IEC 534-6 or VDI/VDE 3845 for assembly with linear and rotary actuators. In addition, the remote version with the displacement position sensor can be combined with Burkert process control valves. The digital electropneumatic positioner SideControl can be operated with the usual current and voltage standard signals and can also be equipped with the fi eldbus interface PROBUS DPV1. Additionally to the digital graphic display the valve opening is signaled by a mechanical indicator element.

Operation occurs via the external operation and display module. It consists of a backlit graphical display and a robust ransparency keyboard with four keys with software driven function indication. For the user operation is very simple and clear, identical to the Burkert positioner or process controller TopControl, Type 8692/8693.

The pilot valve system can be used equally for single and double-acting drives. It is characterised by a defi ned safety feature in case of failure of the electrical or pneumatic power supply and possesses an enormous air capacity range with pressure supply up to 7 bar.

Технические характеристики


Aluminium plastic-coated

Operating voltages 24 VDC +/- 10%
Residual ripple max. 10%
Setpoint setting 0/4 to 20mA and 0 to 5/10 V
Input resistance

0/4 to 20 mA: 180 Ω
0 to 5/10 mA: 19 k Ω

Analogue feedback

4-20 mA, 0-20 mA
0-10 V, 0-5 V

Binary input galvanically isolated, 0-5 V = log “0”, 10-30 V = log “1”

Binary output
Current limit

2 Outputs (optional), galvanically separated
100 mA, Output will be synchronised when overloaded

Control medium
Dust concentration
Particle density
Pressure condensation point
Oil concentration

Neutral gases, air DIN ISO 8573-1
Class 5 (<40μm particle size)
Class 5 (<10mg/m 3)
Class 3 (<-20°C)
Class 5 (<25mg/m 3)

Ambient temperature 0 to +60°C
Pilot air ports Threaded ports G 1/4
Supply pressure 1.4 to 7 bar 1)
Air supply fi lter Exchangeable (aperture size ~0.1mm)

Actuator system
Air capacity

single and double-acting to 150 l N/min.
95 l N/min (with 1.4 bar 2)) for aeration and ventilation
150 l N/min (with 6 bar2)) for aeration and ventilation
(Q Nn = 100 l N/min (acc. to the defi nition with decrease in
pressure from 7 to 6 bar absolute)

Position detection module Potentiometer, max. angle 180º
Stroke range valve spindle min. 30º on the rotary shaft, depending on lever
Installation as required, display above or sideways
Type of protection IP 65/67 acc. to EN 60529 (NEMA4x in preparation)
Power consumption < 5 W

Electrical connection
Multipole connection
Cable gland
Remote version

M12, 8-pin/4-pin; M8, 4-pin
2xM20x1.5 (cable Ø10mm) on screw terminals
(0.14-1.5 mm 2)
1xM12x1.5 (cable Ø3 to 6.5mm)

Bus communication Profi bus DPV1 (optional)
Inductive proximity switch on request
Protection class 3 acc. to VDE 0580
Type of ignition protection

II 3 G nA II B T4 (in preparation)
II 3 D tD A22 T135° (in preparation)

Conformity EMV2004/108/EG
Approvals CSA (in preparation)